The Municipal Theatres of Prague

1 company, 2 theatres, 30 pieces repertoire, 650 performances a year, 760 seats in total and more than 190 000 spectators annually! All this in the heart of Prague!

The Municipal Theatres of Prague are located in the centre of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, often called the heart of Europe. The Municipal Theatres of Prague unite two significant Prague theatres – ABC Theatre and Rokoko Theatre. Both theatres have played significant roles in the history of Czech theatre.

do%20stranek/ABC.jpgDuring their existence, a number of important personalities connected their professional and private lives to these theatres – not only actors, but also directors, authors, designers, graphic artists and many more. Currently, the stages of ABC and Rokoko theatres are homes to popular and award winning Czech actors who rank among the elite of Czech theatre.

The Municipal Theatres of Prague undoubtedly represent one of the most prestigious professional theatre companies in Prague and the whole Czech Republic. The current repertoire of both theatres consists of 30 pieces and each season, six new premieres are introduced.

The repertoire includes several dramaturgical lines such as great stories from the world literature, interpersonal relationships presented by contemporary playwrights and authorial projects of director Petr Svojtka and dramaturg Jiří Janků.
The Municipal Theatres of Prague regularly participate in various theatre festivals and often win jury and spectator awards.

Among the most successful pieces staged by The Municipal Theatres of Prague in last years are:

Happy Ending (Anat Gov),
The Gamblers (Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol),
November (David Mamet),do%20stranek/rkk.jpg
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Edward Albee),
Mr. Kaplan Likes his Class (Leo Rosten),
Ha-Ketubah (Marriage Certificate) (Ephraim Kishon)
And many more
As a company focusing mainly on wide urban audiences, The Municipal Theatres of Prague aim to cultivate, refine and develop the taste and the mind of the theatregoers.
The theatres regularly prepare exhibitions honouring significant Czech theatre personalities, cooperate with minorities (subtitles for the hearing impaired, discounts for the socially marginalized) and NGOs (UNICEF) and constitute a platform for public debates on important social topics.
The Municipal Theatres of Prague are an active co-author of the public urban space.

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